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City: Salzburg

Bus 1 Bus 4 Bus 7 Bus 20 Bus 21 Bus 22 Bus 24 Bus 27 Bus 28 Bus 10 Bus 8 to Ferdinand Hanusch Platz/Fischkrieg

Bus 27 to Landestheater

Bus 4 Bus 20 Bus 21 Bus 8 to Mönchsbergaufzug

Bus 1 Bus 3 Bus 5 Bus 6 Bus 21 Bus 22 to Theatergasse

One of the best ways to see Salzburg is by taking a tour on the Salzach, the river which runs through Salzburg.

There is currently only one company offering these tours, called "Salzburg Schiff-Fahrt", who run four different types of tours for visitors.

The first, and most popular, is the standard tour of the city. This tour starts at the Makartsteg, in the dead center of Salzburg and continues down the river until the Überfuhr Footbridge.

Another popular tour takes visitors from Makartsteg to the Hellbrunn Landing, where you will be picked up by a shuttle bus, taken to the palace and after you have finished, brought back to the boat and travel back to Salzburg along the Salzach.

Both the aforementioned tours are free with the [link=t... read more

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